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Hi. We're so grateful you're here.

So who are we?

Mindfull Solutions was founded by me, Kim Hannan. After a decade and a half in the corporate world, my husband and I decided to open a float center. While we were under construction, I left my corporate career and began consulting, and eventually I realized helping other corporations brought me no joy, so I shifted my focus to only help small businesses - primarily those in the holistic wellness world. As the business grew, I called in some amazing humans to help me do this amazing work. Tiffanie, Abby, Zac, and Makayla are just as excited to help you help people as I am. That's why I adore them and am honored to share their talents with you. 

How may we be of service?


Mindfully Social

Whether you're looking for full service content management or a flexible solution to guide you, we can help.

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Animated Videos

We LOVE creating animated videos for service orientations, explainers, and training or marketing needs. 

Stacked Business Cards

Print Marketing

Brochures, business cards, and banners... Oh my! They're fun little creations that can help you get the word out.

We create other fun stuff too, but let's save that for another day, shall we?


Designing on a Tablet

Sarah Beth Adel, Sacred Rose Medicinals

Kim is inspired and talented. Her passion shines through in the quality of her product. She listens to her clients and ensures they are happy with the end result of any product she delivers. She is a joy to work with and brings so much skill to any job she engages in. I couldn’t be more happy or pleased with the brochure/flyer design she gave me. I was blown away, to be honest.

Clean Space

Jason Dailey, Dailey Wellness & Massage

Working with Kim Hannan at Mindfull Solutions was an absolutely amazing experience! She takes the time to truly connect with you to understand who YOU are and what you want your business to represent. Incredible at helping orchestrate the best copy/wording, picture placement and every last detail to truly make your business marketing materials an extension of you so that you can have pride in knowing that when someone picks up a brochure they know exactly the qualities they will get when hey come to see you.

If you need any marketing help for your business I highly recommend!!!

Responsive Website

Luke Krueger, Mandala Float Systems

Kim delivered exactly what I was hoping for, though I didn't know what it actually looked like, in my new CRM & website. I had seen her work and met her in person once, and through both I felt I could trust her. She proved me right, and I love the finished product from working with her.

Clean Space

Jason Gallo

During the years I worked with her I saw her creativity and innovation first hand, but what impressed me the most was her forward-thinking vision. Her learning solutions to not only solve the need at hand, but the need that you don’t even know is on the way. As a leader, she encourages her team to think outside the box in a constantly refining process of efficiency and effectiveness. Her excitement for creating engaging, powerful learning is contagious and it shows in everything she touches.

Not to name drop or anything...

... but I'm grateful to have worked with some incredible people on some soul-nourishing projects. Here are a few past or present projects, partners, or employers.

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