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video killed the text-only star

Whether you're trying to educate your internal employees or your customers, education about products and services can often make or break your business. Video is a fun, engaging way to reach your audience (and their short attention spans!) Using animated characters offers a timeless, fun strategy!

In a world where COVID-19 requires us to maintain physical distance from our clients, an in-person orientation may feel cold, distant, or ineffective. Using a blended approach, this video offers photos of the real facility with a fun, animated character to keep up engagement. This strategy allows clients to view the video from home before visiting, but can also be played on a device at the center too. It's also an excellent option for social media for float and other wellness centers, as the full video can be shared, but you can also edit clips to extend its value! See other orientation videos here.

This explainer video is designed to break down complex concepts in a way that entices end customers to understand and ultimately purchase services. 

This quick teaser video is intended to create excitement about a podcast release.

This video overview breaks down learning program components, but also includes motivational elements to entice the viewer to see herself in the program.

Acupuncture often involves an air of mystery for those who've never experienced it before, and this prevented a barrier for my client. I used her introductory "spiel" to create an explainer video with friendly, simple graphics to illustrate key concepts. This video is now linked to her confirmation emails so new clients have an idea of what to expect for their first visits.

This video is intended to educate potential clients about wellness services. 

And here's a video that provides an overview of my social media services, just so you can see a different style.

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