Don't stress about your social media.

Be Mindfully Social instead.

I specialize in helping holistic services and wellness centers with their social media needs. I'm an expert in content creation, curation, and strategy, and I help you create loyal followers and engaged communities. Further, I know this industry well as a provider and small business owner myself.

float therapy and halotherapy centers
yoga and wellness
other holistic and small businesses

Get social in the way that works for you.

Note: I offer special pricing for new centers that are under construction. For the Scheduled Plan, you'll receive $25 off per month, or save $50 per month on the Handoff Plan. 

Content Only

If you just need a little content to help you stay consistent, this plan is for you. I'll send a package each month.

$149 to $199/month


With this option, content is pre-loaded into a scheduling tool for you. You can simply edit, and let the system work its magic.

$199 to $249/month


If you'd rather spend your energy elsewhere, let me step in to create and schedule content that's customized for you.


$299 to $349/month

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