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Whether you operate a float therapy center, a salt cave, or another holistic wellness service, welcoming and educating new clients is a key component of their success. Orientation videos can assist you in delivering a consistent, quality experience each and every time.

Benefits of Animated

Video Orientation



Each guest receives the same information each and every time. You don't have to worry that you forgot an important detail or that they were too mesmerized by the tank  or other environmental factors to listen.



The animated style helps to capture and hold attention.


It helps you stand out as you deliver your message, but also helps your guests retain what they need to know.



When your employees have to say the same thing on repeat, they tend to check out mentally, decreasing their overall engagement and job satisfaction.

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When a potential guest is on the fence about visiting your establishment, knowing exactly what to expect up front can provide clarity and confidence. It allows them to "know before they go" if you share the video online.



Many potential guests are too anxious to even visit your center. Having the orientation available before they visit helps to ease their worries because they get to see the space and know the process.



Your team will be freed up to answer questions and provide personal attention without feeling rushed to get back to greet the next guest.



Some guests may feel uncomfortable being in a small service room with another person. Having the opportunity to learn before their appointment, or in a community space may increase their comfort levels.



The animated style helps to capture and hold attention.

It helps you stand out as you deliver your message, but also helps your guests retain what they need to know.



If your team spends an average of 8 minutes delivering an orientation even 7 times a day, that's almost an hour spent each day saying the same thing over and over again!


Where possible, I recommend blending real images of your facility with animated characters. This helps your clients to connect with the real, tangible space but still keeps them engaged in the information you're trying to provide. Here's the video we use at my center.


The example below provides more of an overview than a step-by-step tutorial. In this case, my client is an acupuncturist who offers different types of services, and her patients need instructions before arriving. Further, she wanted a different look and feel than the colorful cartoon shown above, and there was no need for "live" photos.

Like what you see so far?

Wanna know the process?

Getting Started

First, either schedule a consultation or complete the form below. Once your response is received, I'll send an invoice for a $200 retainer.

Gather Details

I'll send instructions for gathering photos (cell phone pics work well as long as they're 16:9 format!) and creating your script. You can record the audio narration yourself, or I can do it for you.


Once I receive information from you, I'll get started on development. I'll share a rough draft for feedback. This process typically takes 3-10 business days.

Final Steps

Once you're happy with the final product, I'll send a final invoice, and your retainer will be applied. Typical pricing is from $550-700 total, based on length and complexity.


If you're ready to get the ball rolling, get started with a quick Intake Form. You'll immediately receive access to my client portal and an invoice for the retainer. Check your email for the next steps.


I'm happy to answer any questions or talk though your ideas. I love getting to know you and personalizing the process, so we can be as collaborative as you want... or I can work autonomously.

  • Where can I use this video?
    Anywhere you'd like! Once we're done, it's yours. Feel free to post it on social media, YouTube, or your website. You can include a link to it in your appointment confirmations, use it for paid ads, or anywhere you think it will provide value. Feel free to edit it and create little FAQ videos as well.
  • Whose voice will we use?
    That's up to you. You're welcome to use your own, pay a professional, have another team member of friend do it, or I'll narrate for you at no additional charge.
  • Do I get my own avatar?
    Absolutely! If you'd like a custom avatar, we can certainly make that happen. I'll just need a photo or two of the person you'd like it to mimic, as well as instructions on what color/style clothing to use. Unfortunately, I can't fully customize it with logos, but I'll do my best to make the clothing match your brand.
  • How do I record the audio?
    Find a quiet place, ideally a room with carpet, curtains, etc. to help absorb background noise. Professional microphones are recommended, but not required. You can record with Quicktime or Audacity (free), or any other recording program you have. Alternatively, you can also record from your cell phone using a voice note recorder.You can create a sound box using a box that’s layered with foam or towels, and place the microphone inside. Speak directly into the box. If you record in one long file, don’t worry about cleaning up any flubs. Just take a breath and continue on, and I can clean it up if needed. (Trust me, I’ve worked with some funny raw recordings, and many of my own even include some colorful language at times!)
  • What kind of photos do you need?
    Professional photos are great, but cell phone photos typically work just fine. Please be sure photos are taken in a 16:9 format. Be sure to take all photos from “eye-level”, rather than looking up or down, unless you intentionally want to show that perspective. If you have multiple photos that will include the same background with slight variations (i.e. different light colors inside the tank), use a tripod and try to keep the camera in the same position. Small jumps in position are fairly noticeable.
  • What if I have slightly different procedures now due to COVID-19?
    I am more than happy to make two versions of the video for you. Just note in the script any places that are "post-COVID", and I'll leave them out of the "COVID" version.
  • What if I need updates later?
    I don't like to nickel and dime people. If it's a quick update, it'll probably be done at no cost to you. If you'd like to add content or change an entire section, just ask for a quote.
  • How long does the process usually take?
    In most cases, it takes between 3-10 business days once I receive the script and photos from you. I'll let you know if I have other projects that could cause a delay in the start.
  • Do I get to review the video before it's finished?
    Yes. Once all content is complete, I'll share a rough draft of the video, and let you know what the final amount due will be. I use an online tool where you can enter your feedback, so it automatically records the exact spot you're referencing. This version may not have the final background music or perfect transitions, etc so that I can reduce "rework" and keep your costs low.
  • Can you help on the script?
    Absolutely. I'll provide a template that you can use, and if you'd like, you can use any elements of the script we use at Sukhino Float Center & Salt Cave. I'm also happy to write a script for you or provide feedback on yours.
  • How do I get the files to you?
    You're welcome to send a Dropbox or Google Drive link, or I can send a link for you to upload your files into my client portal.
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Excellent. Complete the quick Intake Form below to make some magic happen. Please note that you'll be asked to submit the $200 retainer to get started.

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