Since you need to know who you're dealing with...

1. I'm a float and halotherapy center owner.

I co-own Sukhino Float Center & Salt Cave with my husband, Graham. (If you're in the float industry, he's "the other Graham".) As soon as I read about the benefits of floating, I felt called to open a center before my first float. I fixated, learned everything I could about floating, and took my time making it happen.

2. My hair changes a lot. 

I love change. The "new and fresh" is exciting. I honestly don't care about my hair, it's just an easy thing to update. In my professional life, change comes in the form of new skills and projects, new clients and processes. I am constantly reinventing myself. If you've never met a "multipotentialite", now you have. (Google it. I'll wait.)

3. I'm a yoga and meditation student and teacher.

I've been practicing since 2004, teaching meditation since 2009, and teaching yoga since 2015. I'm currently an RYT200, and am in progress with an additional 300 hours to become an RYT500. Finding yoga absolutely altered the course of my life, back to the path I was meant to follow. My yoga isn't about bendy poses and selfies (except this one - ask for the story sometime!); it's about introspection, self-acceptance, and spirtual growth.

4. I'm not a fan of public speaking.

But I do it anyway. It pushes me beyond my comfort zone, forces me to consolidate my thoughts, and allows me to share information in a way that helps or inspires others. I also apparently keep my poker face on at all times. This mug o' mine is like a statue. You'll never know what I'm thinking. <---- That's my sarcasm font.

AOTF crew.jpg
5. I'm a co-host on Art of the Float Podcast.

I was a loyal listener for a long time (see #1), and jumped at the chance to start writing the show notes when they needed someone to help. I later joined to write the notes live, and they keep turning my mic on, so I keep sputtering my thoughts. If I know something, my soul drives me to share that knowlege. It's not mine to keep.

6. I'm a Float Conference Board Member.

When I'm in, I'm alllllllll in. I love the float industry and its people, so I give back by volunteering my time to help plan the annual conference through our industry-owned nonprofit organization. I get to be a part of something, offer my creativity and marketing skills, and hang out with amazing people. 

7. I have ADHD, anxiety, and other gifts.

These are my superpowers. I've lived through some stuff, my brain was rewired during some of it, and some of it is genetic. I could see these conditions as a curse, but they're my magic. They allow me to see the world differently, empathize, and be mindful of the impact we all have on each other. And I can hyper-focus like nobody's business.

8. I take serious things seriously.

Graham and I were married on the beach in Jamaica with almost 40 friends and family there with us. I dug myself down into the sand during our ceremony so he'd [finally] be taller than me. We jumped on the trampoline, and I ran into the ocean wearing a ballgown. I really like that guy. We laugh a lot, even after 20 years together.

4 agreements.jpg
9. I live by the Four Agreements.

The concepts in this short little book impacted me in a profound way. In fact, I have them tattooed on my shoulder. They're so simple, and yet so hard, but they provide me with a simple checklist by which to gauge my thoughts and actions. I re-read the book at least once a year, and often incorporate them into my yoga teachings. 

10. I'm a big ol' introvert.

Yep. If I don't have time in silence or alone to recharge, I crumble. I LOVE helping people, I LOVE getting involved. I'm great at doing nothing physically, but my brain is always running a million miles per hour. I have to force myself to turn it off at times. Ideas and projects and things to learn and do! This is why I offer "mind FULL" solutions. 


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