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Everything you need to rock the social.

Consistency is key.

This plan allows you to edit and approve the content we provide, but you can also add your own, manage your schedule, and keep everything running like a well-oiled machine. Our scheduling tool is fully loaded with everything you need.

This plan includes:

Scheduled Content in Mindfully Social

Our not-so-secret weapon

A plan without the tools to execute is just a great idea. With this package, you get access to our fully loaded scheduling tool. You'll be able to use thousands of posts templates, special holidays, and stock photos, along with its built-in editor. 


Even sweeter, we'll load in a complete schedule with posts specific to the services you offer that you can customize and approve each month. 

Primary modality

Pick 1 service

This plan focuses heavily on one service modality. Select from acupuncture, cryotherapy, float therapy, halotherapy, massage therapy, sauna therapy, or yoga.

You'll receive a total of 12-15 posts per month, including an assortment of graphics, images, infographics, articles,  short animations, and videos, as well as suggested captions for each post. 

Professional float photos

Art of the Float to the rescue!

If you're a float center owner, your plan will include select posts that use the gorgeous photos and/or videos from the Art of the Float Patreon campaigns, at no additional cost to you, even if you're not already a supporter (though you should be!).

These photos may be highlighted on their own, incorporated into other graphics, or in animations or videos.

General wellness

Round it out

One of the most crucial components of a social media strategy is providing value to your followers. Balance the educational, informative, and sales-focused posts about your primary service modality with general health and wellness news and information. 

You'll get 5 posts per month related to physical, mental, and/or spiritual wellbeing.

Holidays and special occasions

Cellllll-ebrate good times, come on!

We'll include posts for major holidays, as well as some of the fun social media holidays and health/wellness related occasions or news.

These are included as appropriate, so you may not receive them every month unless we can make up a really good holiday to include.  (Kidding.) (Mostly.)

Need a little more?

Add what you need 

You can add content categories to your plan for any of the following:

  • additional modalities: acupuncture, cryotherapy, float therapy, halotherapy, massage therapy, sauna therapy, or yoga (additional options may be available upon request)

  • animated videos (cost varies according to needs - not part of the monthly package, but you receive a discount as a monthly subscriber)

Pre-loaded for you

Posting consistently makes all the difference

With this plan, all of the content mentioned above is loaded into a scheduling tool for you. You can easily edit posts if you'd like, and then approve them to post. You can also set everything to pre-approve without your review if you prefer. 

We'll set up a recommended schedule for you, but you can change it to whatever works best for YOU.

Inspiration Galore

Additional support

Our Mindfully Social Scheduler also comes with thousands of templates and ideas for you to use to add more content, including motivational quotes, health tips, and more, to fill out your schedule. 

You can customize each one to suit your brand, your "voice", and whatever is happening in your world.

Even cooler, you'll be a member of the Mindfully Social Users group, a place where I share exclusive tips, news, and updates. You also get to lean on others across the wellness community to share ideas and ask for support.

Fully loaded scheduling tool

It's fancy, y'all.

Here are just a few of the awesome things you can do:

  • post to Facebook and Instagram

  • post to other platforms or Facebook groups (additional fee)

  • use a consolidated Inbox for your social channels

  • add your own logo to each graphic I provide

  • add posts to a queue by content so you don't have to schedule each one individually

  • customize each post for each platform 

  • reuse your favorite content again at a later time

  • create your own images with my editing tool

  • review analytics

  • boost posts to Facebook for paid reach

  • ... and more!

So how does it work?

Sign up

As soon as you submit your paid enrollment, we'll begin setting up access and loading in the goodies for your social platforms.


No later than the 27th of the month, all content for the upcoming month will be loaded into the system for you.


If you'd like, you can review, edit, or customize any of the posts or add your own. Kick back and watch the magic.

Your investment

  • This package is $229 per month.

  • Additional modalities or content categories are $15 each per month for up to 4. If you have more than 5 services, we'll create a custom quote for you to keep your costs down.

  • Additional platforms (FB group, Google My Business, etc.) are $15 each per month for access in the scheduler. Additional content is not included, though you may reuse what I provide for Facebook and Instagram.

  • Additional locations that use the same content are $50 a month to add licenses.

NOTE: If your center is under construction, you'll receive $25 off each month until you open, and additional modalities are included at no extra cost until you open.


Let's get this party started then. We love doing this work, and we're so honored to help you with your mission.


Complete this quick form, and then we'll send next steps after we review it. 


We completely understand. Any decision you make about your business can have big implications. 

Feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation to chat and see if we're a good for each other.  

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